Peer Support

In-person peer support sessions take place in our office in St. John’s and we do our best to accommodate transportation or accessibility needs if any. You can come into our office, in a confidential space, and chat with two members of our staff or volunteer team over a cup of tea or coffee.

The conversation is guided by you in that we don’t pressure anyone to talk about anything the they don’t want to talk about. You can talk about your experience with sexual violence, how you have been feeling lately, or we can work to get you connected with other services. There is absolutely no expectation of disclosure. It is your time and your space.

We generally offer a total of 3 in-person peer support sessions. Depending on any needs or further supports the you would like, the individuals that you meet with can offer resources that are available in your community.

These sessions are confidential- we do not take notes. There is no waitlist for our peer support sessions. We only ask for a minimum of 24 hours to schedule the meeting. Peer support sessions do not need to happen during office hours- we try to be as accommodating as possible to your schedule.

To set up a peer support session, call the office at 709-747-7757 or email our Crisis Support Coordinator, Mary, at